Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

          Q. How does it work?

A.   You will download a small utility from our website which allows your computer to be controlled remotely.   You can watch as a tech controls your computer and fixes your computer problems right before your eyes.

Q. What about my privacy, what prevents a tech from seeing inside my computer when the session is over?

A. The remote control can ONLY be initiated from the customers computer, not the tech's computer.  As soon as connection is lost or terminated there is no way a tech can access your computer unless you run the utility, and tell us your new Teamviewer password.

Q. Great I want to give this a try, what do I need?

A.  Run a Windows OS (2000,XP, Vista,7 & 8) and have an internet connection (DSL or Cable)

Q.  What problems can be fixed with Remote Computer Repair?

A. Program errors, spyware/virus removal, sluggish computer, cleaning up junk files, eliminating pop-ups, or perhaps you just need a guiding hand to help with Microsoft Office or another program. If your not sure if your problem can be fixed remotely please contact us.