Services & Pricing

  • First look PC inspection – FREE Diagnostics.

Bring in your computer and we will look at if for FREE and determine what needs to be fixed. We have flat rate pricing, we can tell you much it will cost to repair or if its better to purchase a new computer.

We can do most of our services remotely, save time and money .  If we can’t fix it, you pay nothing!

  • In Store Virus Removal- $30

Bring in desktop or laptop and we will remove the virus.  We can get the virus removed the same day its dropped off.  After the virus is removed we also do a PC Optimization at no additional cost.

  • PC Optimization – $30

Remove bloatware, delete all temp files, install a free antivirus, clean up unneeded start-up programs and install Windows updates.

  • Data  Transfer or backup – $30

File transfer to your new computer or back up your data to DVD’s or external hard drive.

  • New PC Setup - $30
  1. Remove bloatware (trial programs and advertisements)
  2. Burn recovery disks
  3. Install windows updates, free antivirus, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Java.
  4. Optimize boot up process
  • Smart Solution – $30

The most common myth is that your computer is slow because it’s old, in some cases this can be true but in most cases it’s not true at all.  The Smart Solution restores the speed of your computer like new!  We check for hardware problems, back up your files and re-install Windows.  This service is perfect for a slow computer 1 to 5 years old.  We evaluate the computers age along with specifications and determine if it’s worth servicing.


  • PC Optimization – $30 per hour (1 hr minimum)
  • Virus Removal – $30
  • Wireless Network Setup – $30
  • Data Transfer or backup – $30